Is Mobile the Future of Journalism?

30-11-2017 NIJHUM RUDRA


Is Mobile the Future of Journalism?

Gone are the days when radio and newspapers were considered to be the most effective platforms for disseminating news and reaching out to people. The advancement of technology over the past few decades has changed the life of human beings in several ways. The nation is now witnessing massive media evolution with vigorous competition between players in the market.  

Amidst all the technology enhancements in the past few years, Smartphones have been a game changer in many ways. Throughout the globe, journalists are now telling news with a just the loved handheld device rather the ubiquitous smartphone.

Why it’s emerging as the new favourite?

  • With the entry of latest smartphones it became extremely easy to shoot, edit, and upload 4k videos. Therefore, mobile journalism is not now bound video quality restrictions.
  • Secondly, hefty apparatus and team is not required to file instant news.
  • Smartphones can be quicker and can report first during breaking news situations.
  • Increased mobility also allows journalists to access places previously inaccessible, either due to bans on journalism, or a natural disaster
  • From the safety perspective, mobile journalism is the most secured way to report stories without being noticed and helps to better mingle with the people.

The Game Changer

Mobile Journalism is now the revolutionary and the most inventive way of doing journalism in India and around the world. Equipped with one weapon- smartphone, reporters have the liberty to cover any news in a much safer way and in appropriate time.

Renowned BBC journalist Nick Garnett once said, “Reporters are targets. Not just in riots – look at the way the press is being hounded on Donald Trump’s campaign. It makes sense for reporters to be discrete.” He has covered violent riots in Manchester, confrontations between police and migrants in Hungary and Austria and reported on the Syrian border with a mobile phone, which made him relatively safer.

Case Study

When the acclaimed Doha-based news broadcasting firm Al Jazeera was shooting its first documentary film in Syria: Songs of Defiance, reporting via an iPhone played a crucial role in elevating their reputation. While covering the rebellion against Syrian administration, the government banned and executed scores of Al Jazeera undercover reporters. But, then journalists filmed major portion of the uprising via smartphones, which also aided them to gather pictures. It is mobile journalism that proffered the media tycoon their first breakthrough.

Future is Here

Smartphones offered the brightest opportunity to journalists to experiment with skills and journalism procedures. Not only that, it offered media outlets and reporters the break to become the pillar of a revolution that has altered the way information and news are being consumed.

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