“We want to build a booming ‘Interactive Smart Video’ Ecosystem platform in India”

04-01-2018 NIJHUM RUDRA


“We want to build a booming ‘Interactive Smart Video’ Ecosystem platform in India”

VideoTap is an ‘Interactive Smart Video’ Ecosystem powered by proprietary patent pending technology, which delivers Dynamic Personalized Interactive Videos on Demand to consumers. The proprietary ecosystem of this platform is built to deliver the smart video experience seamlessly, across connected devices, and at scale.

We spoke to Dilip Venkatraman, Founder and CEO, VideoTap, about the how personalized video is getting smarter every day and how this concept will change the way consumers are influenced these days.

How the concept of smart video will change the way consumers are influenced?

Consumers do not have much choice when it comes to video content. The control lies on the supply end. The content is viewed the same way the vertical content provider wants the viewer to watch it. Hence, VideoTap is a highly useful for the viewers to have a total control over the content to be viewed. Suppose, if you are watching a movie for the first time, it is better you watch it linearly, however, the consumption is high for the non original viewing such as compilations, trivia and other types of videos for which VideoTap is highly relevant.

What smart video has to offer to advertising industry?

In the advertising industry, smart video has such a great impact that the viewers see it without realizing. Normally, for advertising, viewers have eight features on video platforms and since there are only 30 seconds, the ad agency needs to decide one aspect to focus on when that message gets delivered into 30 seconds.

For a sophisticated product like a luxury car, different features appeal different people but there is restriction in terms of content. In case of VideoTap, it adapts itself based on the interactive inputs from the user and there is much greater impact as the right audience receives the relevant message. Hence, it is beneficial for the customer as well as for the advertiser. For a BMW product manager, real time feedback can be generated in terms of which content is relevant for which kind of audience. For anyone who is interested in BMW 7 series, a 30 sec ad is available for the view and the same ad is shown to someone who isn’t interested.

On VideoTap, ad takes you deeper into the categorization. Therefore, it can expand to occupy the attention for a longer time span and do not restrict the viewer to the 30 sec ad so if you keep on clicking the ad will go on for more than 30 secs. Hence, in effect, what we do is instead of serving a video as an ad we are serving a website as an advertisement.

What are your marketing strategies?

As VideoTap is a B2B as well as a B2C brand we are considering targeted advertising and we are also going to use Public Relations as a tool for building the brand and taking in consideration the government initiatives, such as Make in India, Digital India and Start Up India. We think we are a global company, so we will be expanding very soon to the other parts of the globe.

What are the various changes smart video will bring in the marketing and advertising industry?

Firstly, there will be huge amount of analytics available for the advertisers as they can get important data about the kind of audiences watching certain categories of the content. When advertisers map that portion of the video content to the whole content of the video, then it is much easier to understand which portion of the video is working with the target audience. When mapped messaging against the content, advertisers will understand which portion of the messaging is effective and which type of triggers work with their target audience. With the feedback questions feature, available on VideoTap, advertising is now, a two way communication.

What will be the biggest differentiating aspect of VideoTap?

VideoTap’s biggest differentiating aspects are that it is dynamic and personal. Also, we have a unique cloud based video tagging, curating and authoring software, Design Room, which will help producers to curate their uploaded video content, create ‘smart videos’ and publish them. With Design Room a Publisher is able to convert an existing video into a ‘interactive smart video’

What are your Launch Plans?

In next few months, we will enter in India as our first market as a consumer viewership platform and in further few months, we plan to enter the US market.


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