6 tips that will help you save battery on your iPhone

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6 tips that will help you save battery on your iPhone

Just like Aladdin had a Genie in a bottle, we all carry our little genies in our pockets every day. Mobile phones have pretty much turned into all in one device in 21st century. The days when the phones were used just for calling and texting are long gone. The new smartphone era has introduced the world with all the wonders a 3-6 inch box can do. Video calling, web browsing, gaming, booking movie tickets, live TV and the list unending when it comes to all the things your phone can do in a matter of seconds. 

But when you are using an iPhone, there is little problem that generally the user’s face. While there are phones in the market packed with massive batteries, the upper limit of the battery that an iPhone sports for now is around 2,910 mAh.  Though is size is something we can’t complain about but keeping in mind all the things you do with your phone, somehow everyone ends up with having a dead battery by the end of the day. 

Therefore, to save you from looking for a charging plug around you or from carrying your portable charger wherever you go, we have formulated six tips that are definitely going to help you save your battery. So, here you go:

1. Check what drains your battery:

The first thing you need to do to save battery on your iPhone is to check which Apps are using your battery the most. If you are using iOS 9 these steps will come in handy:

Go to the settings in your iPhone.

Find the option of battery in general settings.

Click on the option and you will find a list of apps with percentage which are causing your battery to vanish. 

Now, you just have to close these apps from the background and just refresh.

2. Turn the ‘low-power’ mode on:

There is a feature in your iPhone which really helps when it comes to saving the battery. It’s  the low power mode option. 

You can turn in it on by using the following steps: 

Go to the settings n your iPhone

Find the option of battery in general settings.

There you will see an option to turn your phone on low battery mode. 

Just toggle on the option and voila! Your phone will start running on the low power mode.

3. Clean all the background apps from the phone:

When we click on a certain app and then press the home button, the app you just opened still remains open in the background. The app drains the battery in you iPhone continuously and while we are at it, it also slows the phone down.  You can clean your background by just pressing the home button twice and you will find all the apps running in the background. You just have to swipe the apps in the upwards direction and your background will be all clear. 

4. Turn off the location services, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and  4G:

This is something no iPhone user ever takes notice of.  By keeping your Wi-Fi, 4G and location services on, you are draining the battery out for no reason. These options keep updating and loading various things in your phone which sucks the battery from your phone. So, we would suggest for you to keep these features off when not needed.

5. Turn on the auto-brightness mode:

Another feature you are provided with in your iPhone is the option to turn your brightness in auto mode. This option helps saves battery and your labor as you don’t have to swipe the brightness up and down again and again. Just follow these simple steps to turn on the auto-brightness mode:

Go to the settings in your phone.

In the general space you will find the option of display and brightness.

Select the option and there will be the option of auto-rightness. 

Just click on the option and you are done.

6. Make the most out of the notification widget:

The iOS 8 come with the new feature which allows the user to customize the apps and data which are need to be kept in your phone. You can delete the items which are not useful and keep the important ones in sight. 

These are some tips and tricks that will help your battery live a little longer. For more such tips and tricks, keep your eye on our newly revamped site. 


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