6 Ways To Slash Your Monthly Smartphone Bill

01-02-2016 My Mobile


6 Ways To Slash Your Monthly Smartphone Bill

We use our smartphones to text, make calls and post photos on social media, interact with our friends on WhatsApp, shop online and pay bills through Paytm. As our usage of mobile data increases, so do our monthly phone bills. But fear not, ther are some very simple ways, which will help you reduce your monthly mobile phone bill, allowing you to spend less money on service providers and save more for the really important things in life.

Use Wi-Fi wherever Possible

Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data whenever possible will help cut down on data usage, especially when streaming music or videos on your smartphone. Data usage can pile up quickly, so you want to make sure you stay within your monthly limit by only using 4G/LTE when you need it.

Set Up Mobile Data Limit

How to setup a mobile data limit on your smartphone? This question has been asked time and again. Well, the answer is simple: this can be done in Settings>Data Usage. With data switched on, tap Set Mobile Data and then specify a limit. And stay within it.

Free texting applications

Instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, BB M, WeChat are affordable solutions when compared to sending texts (SMS). They are not only free but use very little mobile data. And of course, they are fast and reliable. It’s time to ditch SMS and save bucks, buddy.

Restrict Background Data

Make sure you close all apps when you are not using them, as they might still be running in the background. Some data hungry apps, such as Facebook and Gmail, are constantly checking for updates. Fortunately, you can turn off background data for some or all of your apps. On an Android device: tap Settings and select Data Usage. Scroll down to see how much data each app has consumed, and click on it to see more information. You can select “restrict background data” which completely blocks update of all applications.

Use Offline Google Maps

Yes, it’s now possible to use Google Maps offline, which is an ideal way to save your mobile data. Offline Google Maps allow users to download and save a segment of a map, so that you can use it to find your way when mobile data is not in use. It is actually handy when you are travelling and do not have cellular connectivity.

Know your data plan

It is important to review your dataplan and figure out how many minutes and how much data you are actually using. This will give you a better idea of your consumption pattern on a weekly or monthly basis, which will obviously help in cutting your smartphone bill.

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