How to turn on ‘Night Mode’ on your iPhone



How to turn on ‘Night Mode’ on your  iPhone

Who in the world doesn’t like a nice night mode? Everyone we know is fed up of the bright and stabbing light in their eyes while using their device at night. Well, if you are using an iPhone and have been experiencing the same issue then *drum rolls please* My Mobile is here to the rescue. 

Apple has rolled out a new update for OS 9.3 and it isn’t a mere bug fixer. The update includes various new features including the new night mode feature. But hey! You don’t have to scratch your heads while wondering how to activate night mode on your iPhone because we are here to explain that to you in easy and simple steps. Check out:

Step 1:

Go to the setting and select the ‘Display and Brightness’ option. (Doesn’t sound very difficult, does it?)

Step 2:

Tap on the ‘Night Shift’ mode. 

Step 3:

After selecting the Night Shift, you have to toggle on the schedule. You can set the schedule as per your requirement or go with the standard one, provided in your iPhone.

Step 4:

Once you are done with the schedule, the slider present on the similar screen will help you decide the intensity. You can customize how warm or cool you want your night mode to be and Voila! You have finally done and over with the battle of turning on the Night Mode on your iPhone (Yeah, we do get excited about things at times). 

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