Transferring Files Using SHAREit

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Transferring Files Using SHAREit

When it comes to sharing information between two phones, most people still tend to fall back on older methods like Bluetooth. However, there are some apps which can make this process incredibly faster. And one of them is SHAREit, an app from Lenovo that can help you share information at speeds that are almost 40 times faster than Bluetooth. You can send just about any file you wish from one device running SHAR Eit to another—high resolution images, full HD videos, documents, presentations and depending on the platform, even apps. Speaking of platform, the app works across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and yes, even Windows. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection to transfer the data—the data goes from device to device and the Internet and the Cloud are not involved, so yes, you can even transfer information between two devices on the same Wi-Fi connection, even if the Internet is not working.

The best part? We left that for the last: it is totally free

The whole process of sharing information using SHAREit is incredibly simple:

Step 1: Start ShareIT on the device from which you wish to send the files

Step 2: Choose “Send” among the options

Step 3: Choose the files you wish to send

Step 4: Start ShareIT on the device on which you wish to receive the files

Step 5: Choose “Receive” among the options

Step 6: Hit the “Send” button on the first device

Step 7: On the sending device you will see a map showing the device on which you have chosen to receive the file. Select it.

Step 8: Sit back and watch hundreds of megabytes of data go from one device to another in a few minutes.

WIth speeds that can go up to 20 M/s, you can actually transfer a full HD movie from one device to another in a matter of minutes. The app is available for free download from the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Microsoft Store for Windows as well as Windows Phone.

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