Alibaba to launch its first AI-enabled smart speakers, the AliGenie X1

06-07-2017 NIJHUM RUDRA


Alibaba to launch its first AI-enabled smart speakers, the AliGenie X1

The Chinese e-commerce tycoon Alibaba, is expected to launch its first ever smart speaker sooner in the market. The new-fangled speaker was already unveiled a day ago at the Drum tower in Beijing.

Dubbed as the AliGenie X1, the new speaker appears with a latest AI assistant called Genie. The unique features of this device include smart home control, music playback and voice shopping. Moreover, the product also has the potential to take down notes, shopping lists and set reminders.

The speaker looks almost same as the Google Home, but the latter appears with replaceable base and in a variety of colours. The Alibaba speaker either comes in complete black or white or is backed by the new Mediatek MT8516 voice chip. The chip is especially constructed for voice assistant products and smart speakers with Google Assistant and Android Things support.

The speaker has a 360°omni-directional microphone that can pick up sounds from 5m away and is furnished with Bluetooth 4.0 LE as well as WiFi connectivity. There is no info on availability at the moment but the AliGenie X1 will sell for ¥499 (∼73) which is cheap compared to the Google Home ($129) and Amazon Echo ($179.99).


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