MoMagic Has Launched Various Educational Applications For Basic Handsets

29-05-2012 My Mobile


MoMagic Has Launched Various Educational Applications For Basic Handsets

MoMagic releases Educational content for the low end handsets

The utility of Mobile phones today is not just restricted to making calls and sending text messages. They provide access to information, are an entertainment source and can play a major catalyst in interactive learning. Keeping in mind the transformation a mobile phone is bringing about to the field of education, MoMagic Technologies is launching a number of Educational apps for various age groups including toddlers to school students to college students and also the working professionals.

These apps are developed keeping in mind the low end handsets as there is relatively less number of apps available in this segment. All one needs is the connectivity to internet to access these applications.

The app Kids ABC is developed for toddlers or preschool kids as it comes with interactive games to learn alphabets and colours. One needs to match colours and pictures with alphabets. Mathemagic is a math related app with games where one has to guess the missing mathematical operators and numbers in an equation. It is a rapid fire math game where the user has to quickly solve math problems.

One more app is called Topper’s Top, which has tips and tricks for students to study and prepare for an examination to excel. It also provides educational Did You Know facts that aim to increase the General Knowledge of a student.

Another app named Success Tips provides information on how to be a better student and professional in career afterwards. It guides the students to become a better professional.

The College Guide application is for students applying for colleges. It offers information on colleges and courses available and acts as a career counsellor on mobile.

Also, there are some apps available that help increasing ones vocabulary, like the English Dictionary. The other one is Word of the Day that everyday presents users with a new word and its meaning.


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