Real Time Bidding- The Future of digital and mobile advertising

Real Time Bidding- The Future of digital and mobile advertising

Advertising is a dynamic industry that thrives on innovations and creativity and whenever the business world experience disruptions advertising complements them with constructive solutions. Digitisation is not just a buzz word; it’s the buzz factor for booming businesses in the Internet age, and digital advertising is one of the most powerful growth tools for them. Empowered with dozens of disruptive features, digital advertising is offering high returns and low cost to smart advertisers, and with the inclusion of Real Time Bidding (RTB), marketers are effectively generating maximum returns from online/mobile ad campaigns. These days, RTB is not just useful for desktop displays but it is equally effective in mobile advertising as smartphones are becoming most favoured communication devices for millennials.

RTB Offers Right Blend of Advertising Tools

Reaching to the target audience at the right moment is the ultimate motto of RTB because businesses do advertising to earn profits, not to lose the money. With the help of RTB, advertisers can reach to their target audiences in real-time in a specific location. RTB starts with programmatic buying of ad placements which enables advertisers to broadcast their ads on thousands of digital platforms at the very specific time, using a variety of targeting options such as demographics, languages, time, location, and interests to optimize their marketing campaigns. RTB works on digital algorithms based trading that ensures instant buying of ad impressions, conforming to pre-set parameters. Some of the commonly used RTB platforms are Imonomy, Outbrain, Sharethrough, Interactive, LiveIntent, and Twitter’s MoPub.

Top Advantages of RTB

Digital advertising has become the first choice of modern businesses who want to leverage their brands on most interactive and engaging platforms and one of the obvious factors that are highly responsible for the acceptance and growth of digital advertising is Real Time Bidding. The basic reason behind the popularity of RTB is the awareness of advertisers about the benefits that it offers. Some of the biggest advantages of using RTB are – ad optimisation, resolution of CPM problems, frequency capping, better controls and efficiencies, wider adoption, and easy selection of the location.

RTB is Effective to solve the CPM Problem

The thumb rule of digital advertising - more publishers mean better reach out to potential customers. Experts of the digital advertising claim that RTB provides the right kind of scale and efficiency, which is the prerequisite of effective deals between buyers and sellers to leverage CPMs. Buying ad impression in real time is no more an impossible task in RTB enabled ad campaigns because it not just scales up the buying mechanism through aggregating a bunch of available inventories of publishers but also ascertains target based campaign. The whole task can be simplified further utilizing the Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). However, with traditional ad networks, achieving a higher CPM is just an unachievable dream. That’s why RTB is gaining momentum across the entire mobile ad ecosystem, and it is advantageous for both advertisers and publishers. At one end, publishers are offering larger formats, and on the other hand, advertisers avail high demand for RTB. Due to the formation of a better equation between buyers and sellers, RTB is quite impactful in creating highly viable markets where ad prices are effectively low.

RTB Ensures Better Controls and Efficiencies

By and large, RTB has empowered the present advertisers with better controls, efficiencies, and relevancy to manage ad campaigns. Unlike yesteryears practices, advertisers of the digital era are free from time-consuming functional formalities that used to be mandatory before signing an ad contract. Now, everything can be controlled and managed with the help of smartphone that everyone keeps in his/her hand throughout the day. Not only advocates of RTB, but marketers also believe that RTB is must to efficiently utilise the demographic and consumer data that businesses procure after making valuable efforts. A majority of them believe that RTB brings advertising closer to perfection and high authentication.

RTB is Highly Futuristic

Programmatic RTB in harmony with data analytics and audience targeting techniques has allowed the advertisers to run more customer and time specific campaigns. And finally, with this cutting-edge feature of digital advertising businesses are successful to resolve various CPM problems, and they are equipped with better controls and efficiencies. Moreover, as RTB ensures wider adoption across the mobile ad ecosystem, it is emerging as the best possible decision mechanism for the marketers. Hence, Real Time Bidding is the future of digital and mobile advertising.

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