Archery King: Ignite your inner bowman

04-01-2017 My Mobile


We all have fancy archery some way or the other. Whether be it watching a movie where the hero shows his archery skills, or the Olympics, the bow and arrow is always a myriad experience and everyone wants to use. But it is very dangerous and might cause harm to you or your neighbour. So what to do then? How to fulfill the archery temptation? Well, just download this game. Known as Archery King, the game is all about, well, archery. In the game, you have to hit the target to get the maximum marks and there are plenty of modes to play with. Coming to the graphics, it is simple and bright and soothing. You have a bow in your hand and all you have to do is touch and hold to aim your target. Once you done with that, you have to release and pray that it will hit a bullseye. The music is good, and you get to hear the sound of arrow’s flight and landing, which gives a feel that you are actually playing the game in real life. The music is abysmal, being cheery and ordinary to the point of annoyance. There is a multiplayer mode, through which you can compete against different people in order to win some coins, like you do while playing 8 Ball Pool. And there is also a fee to enter ranging from 500 to 4,000,000 -- meaning if you lose, you can lose all your accrued money and will need to start from zero. Then there is a single campaign mode, also where you can play different levels, and shoot different targets. The game might sound easy at first, but as you progress further, the targets get farther and it moves in different path. While playing, you need to keep a tab on the wind as well, as it does affect your arrows direction. To conclude, the game is a must for those who love to do archery.

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