Cadyce HDMI Cable: Good news for Apple users

08-12-2017 My Mobile


Networking and lifestyle brand Cadyce has announced the launch of its new high speed HDMI cables with Ethernet in India. Enjoy and share movies, music and even view presentation at your own ease. With the Cadyce Ethernet cable interface, the laptop or PC and mobile phones can get connected to a big screen display monitor for better picture and sound quality.

This high-speed HDMI cable uses 24k gold-plated connectors which are corrosion resistant. This ensures high picture and sound quality with no signal loss. You can even view 3D videos up to 4k resolution. The Cadyce HDMI cable has an audio return channel, which eliminates the need for a separate audio cable interface. It also uses the HDMI Ethernet Channel technology which combines data streams, audio, and video into a single HDMI cable. The distance between the source and the display varies. In order to cater to your distance requirements, the Cadyce HDMI Ethernet cable is designed in 3 sizes – 10m, 15m, and 20m.

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