Don’t Grind: Protect your food from grinding

09-01-2017 My Mobile


There are many games available in the app market which are based on, well, food. But there is one game that gives a real interesting twist to your dairy products. Dubbed as Don’t Grind, the game is all about protecting your delicious food from, well, grinding. Ok, some might be thinking that what is so special about it. Allow us to answer it. To start with, the game is starts with you choosing of those little and cute characters, and once done with it, you need to protect it from the buzzsaws at the bottom of the screen. And then there are many other hazards like lasers, anvil and more dangerous saws from all direction, which you need to dodge. The controls are fairly simple. All you need to do is tap anywhere on the screen to bounce, long pressing makes your character higher and swipe to move from one place to other. Although, this all might sound dead to simple to you, but once you start playing the game, you get to know how interesting it gets. Your top priority might be dodging the buzz saws but collecting stars is of utmost importance, as it will earn you points. The interesting thing here is the star appears randomly, which makes even more interesting as they are mostly in a position which can put you in danger. The background music is soothing and so is the graphics. The developer has designed it in a very minimalistic manner. You can also unlock new grindables or new characters, by completing daily rewards or by simply watching ads. And ads can be irritating at some times, but, hey it is free to download. Overall, with some minimal design, interesting concept and addictive gameplay, Don’t Grind is the game for you.

Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

Price: Free

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