Hop Swap: Swap, swap all the way

12-01-2017 My Mobile


When it comes to the mobile gaming, then it is safe to say that Nitrome has a reputation of rolling games that tickles your mind with addictive gameplay and simple design. In the past, we have seen many games like Beneath The Lighthouse and the recent installment is no different. Named as Hop Swap, the game is mix of retro-style design with a modern touch. What we like about the game, is that it still manages to give a thick pixel art style that brings the 90s era, where the arcade games so popular. Coming to the game, it is about a little blue character, which runs through a series of levels, collecting gems, dodging enemies and solving simple puzzles. At first, it might look like a simple endless runner type, but once you start playing it you will feel the difference. First of all, you can swap the side of the platforms you are running on. Interesting? Indeed! All you have to do is swipe down and you will hop down to the underside of the platform, which makes it even more lovable. Swiping up will bring back to the platform, while swiping left or right will change the direction you are running in. There are enemies as well in the way, and you can kill them by bouncing on their head, just like our favourite Italian plumber does. During the initial stages they can be cleared with ease, but once you advance further, it becomes a lot more difficult and frustrating at times, to clear the levels. Overall, Hop Swap, is another marvel from Nitrome and is a must have game in your mobile device.

Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

Price: Free

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