Horizon Chase – World Tour: A classic rejuvenated

22-12-2016 My Mobile


When we talk about retro-style racing games, suddenly a sense of déjà vu hit us hard. The 90s or the 80s kid will suddenly go back in time, when they used to play classic racing games like Outrun, Lotus Turbo Challenge for hours straight. Fast forward to today and we see some high-end racing games which has breathtaking gameplay coupled with some insane graphics and good background music. But wouldn’t it be great if someone can come up with a game which is a perfect mix of retro and modern concept? Well Aquiris Game Studio just did that with its arcade-style racing game, Horizon Chase. The developers have created a game that is a perfect blend of classic racing game with some modern graphics. The game is all about racing around the world on different tracks, unlocking new cars and completing some missions. But what makes it stand out from the crowd, is the element of retro-style racing. Like any retro game like Outrun or Top Gear, the developer has designed the race tracks that take us back to 1980s or 1990s. The controls are simple. You have onscreen controls to move left or right coupled with accelerate button and a nitro boost. All you need to do is race but you need to keep few things in mind. If you hit a wall you will spin out and if you bump with other cars, your speed will slow down, just the way it was in the classics. There are nine tracks per country and each one has a numbers of courses. The beauty of the game is that even if you have to come back to earlier tracks to advance further, you don’t feel irritated. Overall, with some perfect balance of retro and modern racing, Horizon Chase – World Tour is one of the best retro-style arcade racing game present in the app market.

Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

Price: Free

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