Loop Taxi: Pick and Drop was never so much fun!

23-05-2016 My Mobile


There are many endless runner games in the app market but only a few of them leave a long-lasting impression. And it is safe to say that Loop Taxi is one of them. The game is all about picking up passengers and dropping them off at the next destination. The more passengers you pick the more gold you earn. The gold can be further used for buying cars and unlocking different maps. There are three different environments you unlock including city, upstate and military. What makes Loop Taxi stand out of is its minimalistic graphics and easy controls which makes the gameplay look easier and smooth. In the game, you have to take passengers from one point to another and with each pick and drop you will get a certain amount of gold. Of course it is not as easy as it sounds. There are many intersections and traffic is always on the move. So you need to pay attention to the environment and traffic rules, and your one mistake could crash the taxi into some other cars. And as you progress further, you will come across many difficult situations, like for example, you are waiting for traffic to pass but suddenly a tow truck will tow your car away and you will no choice but to start all over again. The controls are dead simple—just touch the screen to move the car from one point to another. Simple it may sound, but it takes some time to get used of controls and getting the right timing to move the taxi. And once you are familiar with it, you will end up playing it for hours and hours on end. There are many different cars to choose from including taxis, sport, jeep, truck and many more. But you have to be patient as it takes a lot of time to earn those gold coins. With its sheer simplicity and minimalistic design, Loop Taxi is worth your time.

Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

Price: Free

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