RoboWar: Iprotecting invasion in style

09-02-2017 My Mobile


What you will do when the planet earth is invaded by some alien robots? Simple, you summon the three young pilots to rescue the planet from this ruckus. It is not a fictional plot of some upcoming sci-fi film but an interesting concept of a game. Dubbed as RoboWar, the game is all about saving the planet from the aliens’ invasion. In the game you are given the task to steer the giant robots, right the invaders, and bring peace back to Earth. The gameplay is like any other RPG games, you have to steer the robot in different direction through the on-screen joystick and kill the robots by pressing the attack button and there is also a charge button through which you can perform special attacks. At the starting of the game you play as Pilot Tomat which has a robot by the name of Goku and as you proceed further you tend to unlock two more pilots, Mikha and a penguin pilot Pingy. All you have to do is kill the robots and bhy doing that you will collect coins. What makes RoboWar stand out of the other RPG games is the robots design, your enemy robots ranges from little (and cute) ones to big (and bad) ones. You have to kill everyone in order to survive and also you have to keep an eye on your armour and health meter. There are basically three areas—Forest, Outskirt and Island—with each been ranked as easy, medium and hard. And also there are also power-ups available in the game which can be helpful especially while on the Island area. In the battle you will enjoy the fun of playing RoboWar with many unique features. Each Robo has 3 special moves, and you can launch them simply by clicking the charge attack button. Press it to launch heavy attack, press more than 2 second to launch special attack, and press more than 4 second to unleash ultimate attack. The graphics are amazing, the controls are simple and the gameplay is very addictive. So if you want to save the planet with the help of our robots then RoboWar is the right platform to do it.

Available from: iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

Price: Free

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