Shadow Bug: Killing enemies in Ninja style

26-12-2016 My Mobile


There are many action-packed games available in the app market and most of them have fairly decent gameplay. But there is a genre of silhouette-based games which adds a very distinct flavour to the game. With dark and shadowy environments coupled with some mesmerizing graphics, these types of games are getting popular day by day. And one of them is the Shadow Bug. The game can be considered as a perfect blend of dark theme coupled with breathtaking gameplay. The game does have some exquisite visuals and is all about putting skills to test. In the game, you play as a super powered Ninja known as Shadow Bug. You live in a peaceful forest but an evil factory is into making monsters which are invading your forest. As a Ninja, you are destined to bring the peace back to the forest by slicing these creatures into pieces. Interesting, isn’t it? Well the all you have to do is slice enemies in order to move forward and complete the level. The controls are fairly simple: to move left or right, you just need to tap and hold to half of the screen. When an enemy appears, all you need to do is tap on it and Shadow Bug will dash to the enemy to kill it. But there is a catch—attacks also help you to transport through walls and different platforms to get to the enemy. So, you need to plan the attacks carefully otherwise it will be impossible for you to make it through obstacles and reach the end of the level. Sometimes you need to do a series of attacks in order to reach to other platform and if you fail, then you will face some gruesome death on spikes or you might get eaten by the monsters. Once you reach end of the level, you are awarded with three shurikens (you are a Ninja, remember!). You need to be fast in making decisions and work at a brisk pace in order to complete the mission. Overall, with some mind-blowing gameplay coupled with some exquisite graphics and soothing background music, Shadow Bug is one game you should be already playing.

Available from: iTunes App Store

Price: Rs. 250

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